Czech House Thomas Sewerin

Railway, aviation, translations

The most valuable commodity is information. Our task is to handle it conscientiously.

  • Are you interested in gaining a foothold in the railway industry or in expanding your network and don’t know how?
  • Are you looking for opportunities for your training or further education with the railway?
  • Do you need translations or a linguistic expert for your business (German-Czech)?
  • Or do you need a discreetly and reliably flying courier service of the slightly faster kind to transport your valuable freight?

Czech-House stands for:

Discretion, loyalty and competence.

In us you will find a serious and competent contact person for all matters concerning the railway world, translations and transport.

Thanks to the good networking with other educational institutions and companies throughout Germany, which are recognized by the Federal Railway Authority, it is possible for us to be active in all areas of the railway industry. If interested, contacts within the EU can also be arranged.

We offer in-house solutions for translations and language training between German and Czech business partners.

In a globalized world, success often also depends on the speed of action. That is why Czech-house is currently establishing a network with which it will be possible to carry out courier services for you in the business sector using small aircrafts of various types.

It’s not too little time we have, it’s too much time we don’t use.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(54BC-39 AD, Roman philosopher, playwright, naturalist and statesman)